Thursday, May 12, 2011

Important Facts about Capital of H.P. - Shimla

1.Lt. Ross set up first British residence- a mere cottage of wood.

2. Lt. Charles Patt Kennedy- erected the first pucca house in 1822 A.D. He was C.O. of ‘Nasiri Battalion.

3. The first fun fair was held in Annadale in Sept 1833. Annadale’s legacy to Indian sport was the annual Durand Football Tournament – inaugurated by Sir Mortimer Durand in 1888.

4. The credit to introduce potato cultivation in Shimla Hills goes to Major Kennedy.

5. Jutogh was made a cantonment of British infantry in 1843.

6. Dagshai was made a cantonment of British infantry in 1847.

7. LAWRENCE ASYLUM was founded in Sanawar near Kasauli in 1847.

8. First Commander –in – chief of the Indian Army to visit Shimla – Lord Combermere in 1828.

9. Hindustan Tibet Road was constructed – by Lord Dalhousie in 1850-51.

10. Shimla was made Summer Capital of the RAJ in – 1864.

11. A.O.Hume founded INC in 1885 at the ‘Rothney Castle’.

12. The Town Hall was completed in 1888.

13. The Gaiety Theater was opened in 1887.

14. Kalka Shimla railway was completed under the supervision of the Chief Engineer – Mr.
H.S.Harringston. The longest tunnel was the “Barog Tunnel”- being 1143.61m in length. The railway line was opened for traffic on 31st March 1891 and passenger train was flagged off only on 9th November 1903.

15. Shimla’ Municipal Committee was first constituted in 1852. It was given the status of a first class municipality under the Act of 1867.

16. Octroi was levied for the first time in Shimla in 1875.

17. RIPPON HOSPITAL was designed by Henry Irwin and completed in 1885 and declared open by Lord Dufferin on May 14,1885.

18. Shimla Municipal Committee was replaced by Municipal Corporation in 1978.

19. Mahatma Gandhi first visited to Shimla on 11th May, 1921 and stayed at ‘Shanti Kutir” at Summer Hill. He was accompanied by Pt. Madan Mohan Malviya and Lala Lajpat Rai.

20. Samuel Evans Stokes wrote a book – Satyakam in 1927.

21. Gandhi came to Shimla in 1931 along with Nehru, Patel, Dr. Ansari and Frontier Gandhi.

22. Gandhi was greeted by Shimla with black flags in 1945.

23. Petterhoff- The High Court of Punjab- a former residence of the Viceroys- venue of trial of Gandhi’s killers. Destroyed in 1981.

24. Ellersile- Secretariat of Punjab Government – now Secretariat of Himachal Pradesh Govt. Indo – Pak Summit after 1971 war. Formal and informal meetings were held between the two delegations at the Ellersile and the Barnes Court (Himachal Bhawan).- served as the residence of Commander-in-Chief of the imperial Army.

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