Friday, June 3, 2011

Some Facts about H.P.

1. Trout Fish was introduced for the first time in Pabar and Andhra stream in 1838-39 by – Mr. Glover.

2. Kinner Kailash also known as Raldang has an altitude of 6500m.

3. Kalsi, which is known for rock inscription by Ashoka, is at the confluence of the Tons and the Yamuna in the Jaunsar Bawar region.

4. King Ashoka sent his daughter Charumati to Nepal and Majjhima to the Himalayan region.

5. The Mudrarakshasa mentions that Chandragupta was opposed by a coalition of five kings among whom the name of Chitravarma of Kuluta is mentioned.

6. Hiuen-Tsang stayed in India from A.D. 630-644.

7. Chandra was the ruler of Trigarta, an ally of Gujara (Gujrat) when Shankaravarma of Kashmir attacted Gujara.

8. Thakurais of Koti, Madhan, Ghund, Theog and Ratesh were part of Keonthal State.

9. Raja Hira Chand of Bilaspur, Raja Shyam Singh of Chamba and Raja Bijai Sen of Mandi attended the Delhi Darbar in 1877 A.D.

10. Raja Amar Prakash of Sirmaur, Raja Amar Chand of Bilaspur,Raja Bijai Sen of Keonthal, Raja Bhim Sen of Suket, Raja Bhuri Singh of Chamba, Rana Bhagat Chand of Jubbal and Rana Dalip Singh of Bhagat attended the Coronation Darbar in December 1911.

11. The principle of deposing the ruler in case of mis-management or oppressive rule was applied in the hills only in case of Suket (Raja Ruder Sen) & Bhajji (Rana Bir Pal Singh).

12. A permanent consultative body of the princes known as Chamber of Princes, also known as Narendra Mandal came into existence in 1921.

13. Raja of Kangra who orgainsed a confederation of all the hill chiefs between Jammu and Kangra in 1588-89A.D. against the supremacy of the Mughal Emperor Akabar – Bidhi Chand.

14. The people of Suket revolved against the ruler and his minister Narotam in the year – 1876.

15. The people of Nalagarh revolved against the atrocities of Ghulam Qadir Khan in the year - 1876.

16. Bhoomi Bandobast Abhiyan’ in Bilaspur – 1930.

17. All India State Peoples Conference was held at Ludhiana in the year – 1939.

18. A meeting of Shimla Hill States Praja Mandal was held under the chairmanship of Bhag Mal Sautha on 13th July, 1939.

19. Himalayan Riyasti Praja Mandal was organised in December, 1939.

20. Yashwant Singh Parmar resigned from the post of District and session judge in the year 1941, owing to political differences with Raja Rajendra Prakash.

21. Sirmaur Association was organised by Y.S. Parmar in 1943-46 in Delhi to mobilise Sirmauris to fight for their democratic rights.

22. Himalayan Hill States Regional Council was established with its headquarters at Shimla.

23. Himalayan Prant Provisional Government headed b Shivanand Ramaul, was established with headquarters at Shimla.

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